Jeremy Renner Reveals His 'Bourne Legacy' Name (It Isn't 'Bourne')

November 22, 2011


When it was revealed Jeremy Renner would be the one taking over the Bourne franchise as a new, non-Bourne character, the news answered one question but left several other points open. Like, who is this dude if he isn't Bourne? And why the hell is he in a Bourne movie? Speaking to Empire, Renner explained: He's Aaron Cross!--a guy who is a lot like Bourne but is not Bourne (and is also not Alex Cross; that's still Tyler Perry). Said the non-eponymous franchise star:

"My character is called Aaron Cross, but he ends up having a bunch of different names. For fans of the franchise, [The Bourne Legacy] has that same ticking clock, but it's a new programme and new characters."

So is Treadstone still involved? "Yeah, it's that same deal, it's just a new set of agents with a different leash. It's the same tempo and pace but more expansive and bigger. The differences are pretty vast but you'll know it's a Bourne movie."

So there you go. Same pace and tempo, vastly different and bigger, but you'll still know what it is. Basically, the same description you'd use to describe the cast of Glee's cover of Don't Stop Believin'. That is our new Bourne.

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