'Left Behind' Series Heading Back to God's Theaters

November 1, 2011


Just as God created the banana to be held in a hand and consumed by man, it was always the Lord's intent that the Left Behind series be seen on the big screen. Sadly, the slim budgets for Left Behind II: Tribulation Force and Left Behind: World at War resigned Kirk Cameron's concerned face to His DVD bins, but it's foretold that soon the Rapture-based series will again ascend to the heights it's earned through a life of always keeping Christ in its thematic heart.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Left Behind series producer Paul Lalonde and World at War script consultant John Patus have written a reboot of the series that would return it to theaters with a larger budget of around $15 million and a new angle that plays more like a disaster movie, thus rendering the new, higher budget still woefully inadequate. Lalonde's Cloud Ten Pictures (ugh) is currently searching for a director, and plan to pass a collection basket around to buyers at American Film Market this week. Series mainstay Kirk Cameron's participation has not yet been directly addressed, but one would imagine the idea of the franchise having a new and improved second generation probably strays a bit too close to evolution for his tastes.

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