'Rampage' Video Game Becoming 'Rampage' Movie

November 18, 2011


The Sisyphean task of going city to city punching buildings to the ground will soon be an experience to be explored in a feature film from the confused brains at New Line Cinema. The studio is currently meeting with writers and producers to develop a movie based around Rampage, the 1986 Bally Midway arcade game that placed players in the role of a giant gorilla, giant lizard, or giant wolfman charged with razing city blocks, eating soldiers and citizens, and avoiding items that would electrocute or make one spit fire. There wasn't much of a plot to speak of--save for the exciting dramatic reveal that the giant lizard was actually your first experience with a naked woman--but apparently the plot isn't where producer John Rickard (Final Destination 5) sees promise anyway. Rather, according to the Hollywood Reporter, "The project aims to take advantage of the title and the visuals of the game." I mean, just take a look at the visuals of crude helicopters firing massive red pellets. Listen to the way the word "Rampage" sounds enough like a movie title to be made into a movie. If you can get Liam Neeson locked in to play Owner of Tallest Building, the script writes itself.

For those who never poured ten dollars in quarters into a Rampage machine just to receive the hollow closure of having punched every generic building in the United States, here's a sampling of the gameplay:

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