Ridley Scott Has More Films He's Pretending He'll Make

November 18, 2011


Ridley Scott has promised us an Alien sort-of-prequel with his upcoming Prometheus, and he's also promised us a future that will include more Blade Running and a Monopoly movie, and now he would like us to believe he will also make some films with the main cast of Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life. In 3D, naturally.

The 73-year-old producer/director has reportedly attached Angelina Jolie to star in Gertrude Bell, a biopic Scott first began setting up back in March but that we quickly forgot about once all this Blade Runner crap came up. Jolie would play the title character, an important woman whose Jolie-esque work abroad earned her the title "the female Lawrence of Arabia." Just as Jolie's continued unsmiling work with pistols, historical figures, and the Scott brothers will soon earn her the title "the female Denzel Washington."

Meanwhile, Ridley Scott has also been shopping around a different fact-based film he'd like to make with Gerard Butler. This one would cast Butler as Simon Mann, the former British army officer who, in 2004, attempted an Equatorial Guinea coup d'état. Robert Edwards is attached to write the script about the attempt, which ended before it really got going when Mann was arrested picking up weapons in Zimbabwe. Given what Machine Gun Preacher's $528k domestic gross tells us about audience desire to see Gerard Butler play a real-life character involved with African firearms, it's probably a good thing Ridley Scott will never get around to making this film.

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