'Safe House' Trailer: Denzel and Green Lantern Shoot Up South Africa

November 3, 2011


Don't let the stoic, armed Denzel Washington fool you: Safe House is somehow not a Tony Scott film. Also do not let the title "Safe House" fool you: this house is not safe at all! Quite the opposite! When rogue agent Denzel is captured and brought into this so-called safe house for questioning and some light torture, it's not long before the place is infiltrated, leaving novice CIA agent Ryan Reynolds to sneak the prisoner out of the safe house and into a generic secret agent thriller plot. As is standard protocol for these types of things, it seems that someone on the inside must have betrayed the safeness of the house! But whom!? And will Denzel Washington ever get inside Ryan Reynolds' head? Spoiler: he is already inside his head.

Here's your trailer.

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