Scorsese Figures We'll Have Hologram Movies Soon Enough

November 7, 2011


With his first 3D film, Martin Scorsese has earned high praise for his use of the technology, with three-dimensional evangelist James Cameron even reportedly calling Scorsese's Hugo "the best use of 3D he had seen, including his own films." So, having bested Cameron at his own game, Scorsese is already looking ahead at what he believes to be the next big technological breakthrough in raising ticket prices. That breakthrough? Holograms!

Speaking to an audience in downtown L.A., the director of Taxi Driver theorized that, based on his use of 3D and information gathered from a Star Trek: TNG DVD set someone bought him last Christmas, "If everything moves along and there's no major catastrophe were headed toward holograms." And while that statement makes it tempting to waste time damning 9/11 for holding us back from a holographic theater world, Scorsese asks that we instead more optimistically consider how great it will be when film characters can walk out into the audience--"they do it in theater," the director elaborated, referring to just one of the reasons productions like Cats are utterly intolerable.

"You have to think that way," Scorsese continued. "Don't let the fashion and the economics inhibit you." OK? So stop worrying about what's fashionable. Don't concern yourself with the money. Just think about the memorable ending of GoodFellas, when Joe Pesci fires a pistol directly into the camera, and imagine how, if the technology had been available, Scorsese would totally have shot that with a holographic Joe Pesci strolling around the theater and individually shooting delighted audience members. Welcome to the future! You have to think that way.

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