Scorsese Picks 'Snowman', Evans Picks 'Iceman', and More...

November 21, 2011


- "Masturbating with this hand will certainly be weird.... but bad weird, or really good weird?" More from the set of The Amazing Spider-Man here.

- Martin Scorsese is attached to direct an adaptation of Jo Nesbø's bestselling detective novel, The Snowman. The book--the seventh in Nesbø's Harry Hole series--apparently gets its title from serial killer antagonist's habit of leaving a snowman in the yard of each murdered mother. Finally, we'll have the true, inevitable Calvin & Hobbes finale Bill Watterson denied us.

- Chris Evans has replaced James Franco in The Iceman. He'll play Robert "Mister Softee" Pronge mentor of notorious contract killer Richard "The Iceman" Kuklinski (Michael Shannon). Pronge earned his nickname for his tendency to drive an ice cream truck that cleverly left him inconspicuous in a giant white truck that plays carnival music.

- Anthony Hopkins and Judi Dench are in talks to star in Italian Shoes, a film about a retired surgeon who reunites with a past love. Kenneth Branagh is directing, because after Thor, he can't wait to get back to making movies for your parents.

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