'Shame' Trailer: Magneto Jogs, Gets Punched, and Gets His D Wet

November 1, 2011


While some of us feel more than enough shame without even getting laid all that often, Shame's Brandon, played by Michael Fassbender, has managed to work out both a wealth of lady companionship and a shameful existence: an intense sex addiction paired with the embarrassment of being unable to control his urges nor able to connect at a level beyond touching his outsides to ladies' insides. To make matters worse for Sex Addict Brandon, kid sister Carey Mulligan is staying with him for a while, stirring up painful memories and making it way harder to walk around naked enough to earn the NC-17 rating this film has been stamped with. Sex addict problems, am I right?

Anyway, here's the trailer, which does quite a bit to set up the mood of the film. You will truly feel shame! Or, if the NC-17 rating is scaring you off, you can still always feel shame one of the usual ways. Letting your pants flap get in your pee stream at a urinal, then going back to your table and finishing off your meal as if you aren't covered in piss, for example. Or eating a whole carton of Pepperidge Farms Goldfish crackers, while shirtless. Or masturbate long enough that you suddenly realize it's either dark or light outside. There are so, so many ways.

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