'Six Million Dollar Man' Remake Adjusted for Inflation, and More...

November 17, 2011


- Bryan Singer is rumored to be up for directing Leonardo DiCaprio in a film adaptation of The Six Million Dollar Man--now being called The Six Billion Dollar Man to adjust for the rising cost of bionic eyes. The doll above perfectly captures the universal excitement being felt over this development.

- If you didn't hear, Ricky Gervais will once again host the Golden Globes in what he promises will be his final and most outrightly offensive turn yet. Dare he again tangle with the untouchable Tim Allen?

- Ready for The Munsters to return to television as "a visually spectacular one-hour drama"? Well, that's happening. Expect a call, Brad Garrett.

- Sharon Stone confirmed she'll play Linda Lovelace's mother in the Amanda Seyfried-starring biopic, Lovelace. She also confirmed she'd "like to see like big stores like Kmart and Target offer 30 percent off for veterans," which isn't a bad idea, either. How about it, stores?

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