Steve Carell's Presence Turns Serious Heist Movie into Comedy

November 2, 2011


Steve Carell is attached to star in and produce Conviction, a heist film that was once being compared to Heat but is now going to be an action comedy for Steve Carell to shout in. The Jonathan Herman-penned script made the 2009 Black List of best unproduced screenplays, and focuses on a master thief who, after serving five years in prison for a heist gone wrong, is forced by the FBI to entrap his former protégé. That master thief was presumably once a hardened old pro, but with a few tweaks to the script at the behest of Carell and producer Joel Silver, he will soon be a Steve Carell character who, no doubt, will cause so much undue frustration to the FBI agent glumly shaking his head while listening in from an undercover van. Stop shouting into your wire's microphone, Steve Carell, you are making FBI guy so upset!

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