'The Crow' Remake Could Have Had Goofy Hats, Haircuts

November 14, 2011


In August, when Bradley Cooper abandoned plans to star in Relativity Media's remake of The Crow, it seemed he took with him the universal dream of finally seeing Bradley Cooper in Crow makeup. By and large, that remains the case, but thanks to Shock Till You Drop's discovery of some concept art from the film, we do now have at least some idea of what it would have looked like: it would have looked like Limitless, but maybe with cornrows on the side of his head?

The above art comes from Diego LaTorre, who makes clear, "The Crow images published are very early production sketches and are based in my own visual interpretation of the character and not necessarily in Apaches Entertainment and director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo vision." So while these drawings do not necessarily reflect what would have been, they do reflect what could have been. And one thing that could have been is a poison symbol top hat. Because why shouldn't our new Crow look like he's a member of a sad Alice Cooper cover band? He's the bassist, but he has a solo CD in his car if you're interested.

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