'The Vow' Trailer Begs Us (and Rachel McAdams) To Love Channing Tatum Again

November 17, 2011


Senselessly straddling the line between romance and romantic-comedy with well-lit young actors navigating a premisy plot, the trailer for The Vow is here for you weep over, everyone.

Desperately pressing together the soap slivers of The Notebook and Dear John in the hopes of creating a useable bar of soul-cleansing Nicholas Sparks melodrama, the film stars Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum as a young married couple whose happy life is torn apart after a truck collides with their car while they're busy being cute to Meat Loaf. Though neither of their pretty faces are too damaged in the accident, McAdams loses her last five years of memories, wiping out all recollection of her relationship with Tatum and leaving her confused as to why she's living with the dude from Step Up. As far as she recalls, she's still engaged to ex-fiancé Scott Speedman--who's still up for marrying her if her brain is broken and all. Thus, it's up to G.I. Joe to once again prove to Rachel McAdams--and the presumed audience of tearful girls in pajamas--why he is truly the douchey frat boy of choice. How does he do that? Well, I won't spoil it all, but let's just say he is not too stingy to take her to some pret-ty romantic parking spaces...

As if anyone's first instinct would be that Channing Tatum was a doctor. Her brain is seriously effed.

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