'Wanderlust' Trailer: Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston Meet Attractive Hippies and 'The State' Alumni

November 3, 2011


Like so many a late-era Simpsons episode, the trailer for Wanderlust takes us in one direction for its first act, then abruptly shifts to reveal its actual plot. To start off, we're given Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston, the Object of My Affection co-stars back together as a stereotypical workaholic Manhattan couple. They fall asleep trying to do sex, they are so tired! With that exposition out of the way, Rudd immediately loses his job (she possibly does, too?), and the two are forced to leave the city for Georgia, where a new career awaits compliments of Rudd's brother, Ken Marino. Thing is, it turns out Ken Marino is a big asshole, and for about 20 seconds it seems like that's where this movie is going. Instead, this movie heads to a commune, where it suddenly becomes apparent that this is the actual movie: a David Wain comedy about a New York couple trapped in a free-spirited resort, with all the hippie jokes and The State cameos such a thing implies.

This first trailer for Wanderlust leaves a lot to be desired, but considering the surprise charm of Wain's Role Models, Rudd's ketchup-like ability to make pretty much anything palatable enough for consumption, and the fact that this is a PG trailer for an R-rated film, and I'm willing to give this another shot once the filthy trailer comes around.

If anyone has time, could you make an infographic charting Alan Alda's career of dramatic jumps across the liberal-conservative philosophical line? Thanks.

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