'Dark Knight Rises' Prologue, Trailer Are Here! As Sort of Muffled, Gauzy Bootlegs!

December 19, 2011


As you likely know, this weekend, a six-minute Dark Knight Rises prologue premiered before select showings of Tom Cruise's latest jogging video, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol. To preserve the integrity of the IMAX format the sequence was shot in, it was only shown in larger theaters capable of projecting the 70mm format. That made it difficult for some to find cinemas with the footage, but it also guaranteed a clear, crisp image--providing bootleggers a broad, expansive canvas upon which to take their craft of covertly holding a camera to the next level.

Below, see some examples of their groundbreaking IMAX-to-camera phone work capturing both the Dark Knight Rises prologue and a sequence that will assumedly become the official trailer for the film. They probably aren't for long on this internet, so hurry up if you plan to watch.

After all the talk of it being hard to understand Bane, I was really expecting something a lot harder to understand. I was also somehow expecting less dramatic football set pieces. Thoughts?


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