'Dark Knight Rises' Promises SOMETHING'S HAPPENING at 1PM EST

December 9, 2011


Following up on yesterday's sort of meaningless beginning of a viral campaign, The Dark Knight Rises Twitter today supplied another piece of photocopied puzzle--and this one actually has some utility. This latest xerox repeatedly teases something called "Operation Early Bird" with a start time of 1000 hours pst, and cleverly entering OperationEarlyBird.com into your home internet machine reveals a clock ticking down to that time. It's unclear what will happen once the clock hits zero, but considering that the six-minute Dark Knight Rises prologue--scheduled for release before Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol showings next week--reportedly screened early at the Universal City's AMC IMAX last night, there's a pretty good chance it will involve a chance to see the footage early, you lucky early birds, you.

See the full photocopy below, then print it out and staple it to the others to create your very own Bat-zine.


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