'Expendables 2' Poster: Sorry, Stallone Ruined Your Wall

December 16, 2011


While the first Expendables 2 poster was quick to show off all of its aging, muscled wares, the film's latest one-sheet keeps it restrained--or at least comparatively restrained for a movie about dudes constantly shooting/stabbing shit. Here we have only Sylvester Stallone's veiny, well-armed form peeking from behind a smoldering wall, his many famous co-stars merely listed across the top of the poster, as if we're expected to read all those names. We aren't here to read, Sly; we're here to watch Dolph Lundgren, Chuck Norris, and Jean-Claude Van Damme kick someone in tandem until he explodes.

But hey, Johnny Book Learnin', if you want to go ahead and see the full poster with all its fancy words, go right ahead:


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