'Game Change' Trailer: Julianne Moore Shows Off Her Sarah Palin Impression

December 22, 2011


"Find me a woman," commands Ed Harris, his face apparently grafted onto John McCain's rigid form. Sadly, the rest of the trailer for HBO's Game Change does not delve into the many clandestine, sacrificial sex brides of the 2008 presidential campaign. Instead, we get campaign adviser Woody Harrelson repeatedly demanding variations of a "game change" if John McCain hopes to win the election, with the preview's finale finally reviewing the all-too-well-known result: Sarah Palin and her folksy, maverick cadence that will forever be ringing in our ears, like a rifle's wolf-downing blast eternally echoing in the snowy hills of Sarah Palin's Alaska. But in this case, Sarah Palin is Julianne Moore being Tina Fey:


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