'Grown Ups' Sequel To Expand Mythos of Sandler & Friends Palling Around

December 7, 2011


Despite making so, so many terrible comedies, Adam Sandler has maintained some slim illusion of standards by at least always starring in original painfully-high-concept premises--never resorting to a sequel, no matter how much Click 2: Wackier Remote would have inevitably made. Soon, it seems that will all change, as Sony Pictures and Sandler's Happy Madison Productions are now in talks to start to develop a sequel to 2010's abysmal Bad Boys of SNL reunion (-Farley, +Paul Blart), Grown Ups.

The original film played out as if it were just some dudes chumming around with their unusually attractive wives in tow, but, as the scenes of Steve Buscemi filling Rob Schneider's standard cameo implied, it was actually written by someone. That man was Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star and Joe Dirt screenwriter Fred Wolf, and he is negotiating to write the sequel as well. Unless Wolf decides to do a complete 180, turning Grown Ups 2 into a cautionary dystopian black comedy with all the Grown Up heads in jars atop robot bodies in the year 10,000 AD, expect another inoffensive, pleasant hang-out session that will gross $300 million worldwide. But at least now there's hope for Jack & Jill 2: Sadelstein Family Reunion.

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