Michael Fassbender Probably Taking Christian Bale's 'Noah' Role

December 1, 2011


Michael Fassbender has completed the trials. He has lost dramatic weight for a part; he has played a costumed comic book character; he has shown fierce loyalty to a British director; he has concealed his accent so frequently it's hard to remember his actual country of origin; he has gone naked. And so, having braved that gauntlet, he is now ready to ascend to his rightful place as Christian Bale Surrogate.

As such, with Bale too busy with Terrence Malick films to shoot Noah, director Darren Aronofsky is now reportedly looking at Fassbender to replace him. No official offer has gone out, but Fassbender and Aronofsky are said to have been talking about the lead, discussing approach, availability, and probably their favorite animals that Noah miraculously saved.

"Good thing Noah saved two puppies, so that now we have puppies, eh, Mike?"

"Puppies!? Try KITTIES, Darren, or my schedule is FULL."

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