'Mirror Mirror' Posters Daringly Proclaim Film To Be Live-Action Adaptation of Snow White

December 20, 2011


With rival fairy tale film Snow White and the Huntsman opening within months of its release, Relativity's Mirror Mirror has a tough task of making it look like the superior Snow White option over the one with a really cool, droopy Silver Surfer. Thus far, it has taken to that task by forcing dwarves to say "snow way" and "say hello to my little friend," and lest you think that the extent of the film's cunning wordplay, new posters have debuted with even more clever sayings: "One bad apple," referring to the fairy tale's poisoned apple scenario, and the slightly less witty "The Snow White legend comes alive," referring to how this is quite literally a live-action recreation of the Snow White legend. Your move, Huntsman.

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