New 'War Horse' Spot Reliant on Horse Eulogy, Emotionless Horse Face

December 1, 2011


Steven Spielberg has got a couple tough sells this holiday season. He's got Tintin, which is about a comic a large portion of the U.S. has never heard of, and War Horse, which is about a horse. The former sort of sells itself on its CGI adventure visuals, but for the latter, Dreamworks has decided another, more infomercial-like approach: they've spliced together some clips from the actors, and, guys, you are not going to believe how great this horse is.

With all those close-ups, Andy Serkis is bound to get a nomination for playing the horse head. He did that, right? Or are we really just repeatedly staring at a horse head as if it's thinking about something other than the carrot dangling just off camera?

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