Seth Rogen Will Be a Terrible Spy

December 23, 2011


Seth Rogen has come on to produce and likely star in Disney's The B-Team, an action comedy about a top spy's support team of tech guys and researchers, who are forced to rescue said spy when he's kidnapped. The studio bought the pitch from the writers of Chasing Liberty three years ago, but at the time, developing projects The A-Team and The Other Guys--which was then already going by The B-Team--reportedly had them nervous about cluttering theaters with so many alphabetical teams at once. But now that it's been like a year, year-and-a-half since those films left theaters and, by Disney's account, our memories as well, they're going to give it another shot with Rogen in the producer's seat, placing him in charge of getting Jonah Hill fattened up again in time to shoot this thing. "Great work losing weight and all, Jonah, but clearly we need a fat tech support guy to go with minority tech support guy and Michael Cera."

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