'The Dictator' Trailer: This Is Sacha Baron Cohen's 'The Love Guru'

December 14, 2011


Alright, maybe that's being harsh. Maybe this isn't Sacha Baron Cohen's equivalent of Mike Myers' abysmal 2008 comedy The Love Guru. But it is Sacha Baron Cohen's movie in which he puts on a beard and wacky accent, enlists the aid of Ben Kingsley, pleasures a hot actress playing herself about three years too late for anyone to care, and quickly retreats to his bunker of pop culture jokes (the Kardashians!). So, yeah, it's at least a little Sacha Baron Cohen's The Love Guru. Still, at least this has AIDS and terrorism jokes?

The Dictator hits theaters in May, and then who knows that new combination of oblivious bluntness, accent, and fake hair awaits us in the future.

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