'The Hangover' Franchise Gets Fifth Lawsuit

December 27, 2011


Having already faced lawsuits from a stuntperson, a crazy person, Mike Tyson's tattoo artist, and law enforcement officials worried about the legality of showing simulated monkey fellatio in bars, The Hangover franchise is now finding itself in legal trouble with Louis Vuitton. The fashion label filed suit against Warner Bros. on Thursday for a Hangover, Part II scene in which Zach Galifianakis dubs his luggage a "Lou-is Vuitton."

While Vuitton is fine with the hilarious pronunciation of "Louis," the bag-mongers are upset that the bag is actually a Canal Street knock-off. Worried that viewers will pause the film and notice the lack of detail in the bag's stitching, Vuitton asks that the offending scene is removed from the DVD and that they receive a share of the film's profits, claiming their brand was damaged in that the line "Careful, that is a Louis Vuitton" has, according to them, become a catchphrase with extremely specific application. It is basically everyone's go-to line whenever someone is about to damage a Louis Vuitton, completely replacing "Yeah, baby, groovy! Watch out for my Louis Vuitton," as the Louis Vuitton catchphrase of choice. Anyway, here's the scene in question:

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