Academy Awards Trailer Knows Allllllll About This Texting Fad

January 6, 2012


Michael Bay discards Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel, and William Fichtner, along with Comic Relief figureheads Robin Williams and Billy Crystal, have at last put aside their petty differences and put together a trailer promoting Crystal's gig hosting the 84th Academy Awards. Graciously, the crew also brought along Vinnie Jones, at last casting him as the Arabian bartender everyone always dreamed the ex-footballer would eventually play.

Have a look, and feel alive as you vicariously experience the youthful energy that surges through Billy Crystal's limbs as he proudly, accurately pronounces "texted" into the camera:

Of everyone involved in this, I'm most impressed by the editor tasked with deciding whether to go with this take or Crystal's shrugging "A Facebook, why not?"

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