'Akira' Remake Shut Down Until It's Even Crappier Looking

January 5, 2012


Production on a live-action remake of Akira, which Warner Bros. has already halted three times prior, has once again been shut down. Sadly, while most of us would be shutting down production on an Americanized, live-action Akira--now with adult white guys playing the teenager parts!--for the obvious reason of it being a generally bad idea, Warner's rationale, as usual, has more to do with their fear of looking silly if they spend a lot of money and then no one pays to see it. Though Jaume Collet-Serra has already trimmed the $200 million budget originally requested by prior director Albert Hughes down to a more reasonable $90 million, the studio would apparently like to see that knocked down another $20-30 million before they're willing to get the WB carpenters back to building Neo Manhattan again. So for now we're spared this remake indignity, but don't expect that to last long, as an insider tells THR, "It's a very resilient movie; Warner Bros. just won't let it die." Akira shall return again, looking more and more like a local motorcycle shop commercial with each pass of an accountant's pen.

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