Banned Hungarian 'Shame' Poster Pretty Crazy, Probably NSFW

January 27, 2012


Remember that Dark Knight poster with Joker writing in blood? Think that, but with a back-full of jizz.


I can't say I'm surprised this got banned--our culture is notoriously unsympathetic to the art of semen calligraphy--but I am sort of surprised that someone actually tried to get this posted in Hungary.

"Oh, we can't hang this up here? Is it... that the title is written is a man's cum? Yep, yep, thought so, thought that might be it. Now, is that like a nationwide policy in Hungary--to not write out the title of your film with dick spit--or is that just a local thing? Because, while we just went with some tousled sheets for the US Poster, we really thought you guys if anyone would be up for publicly displaying human flesh drenched in man gunk. But fine, if you guys don't want rows of splooge-streaked backs adorning the streets of Budapest, fair enough. We'll try to figure out some other way to write the title, apparently with something that does not spurt out of a cock, you Hungarian squares."

Provocative Hungarian Poster for 'Shame' [Almost NSFW] [AnomalousMaterial] (via!)

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