Batman's Flying Thing No Longer Called "Batwing," Just So You Know

January 19, 2012


So that black, flying thing in the Dark Knight Rises trailer? The thing we've been casually referring to as the new "Batwing"? NOT a "Batwing," it turns out! Though Batman was polite enough to not make a stink about it at the dinner table, Wireless Goodness (via) has since pointed out our gaffe, explaining that "Batwing" just goes by "The Bat" now. The reveal comes courtesy of wireless registrations Hot Wheels filed with the FCC, filings that illustrate and label remote controlled toy versions of the "Tumbler," the "Bat-Pod," and "The Bat." Now you know.

Something else you should know: that remote control The Bat? It doesn't even fucking fly. Is that some bullshit or what? Way to ruin tens of thousands of Christmas mornings, Hot Wheels.

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