Benedict Cumberbatch Coming for the Enterprise

January 5, 2012


J.J. Abrams' apparent intent on getting a Spanish-speaking actor to play the villain in his Star Trek sequel had many wondering if the character would be a revival of Ricardo Montalbán's Khan. Now, though, it's starting to sound like that might not be the case, as Abrams has reportedly just cast the whitest, most ridiculously-British-sounding guy possible to fill the antagonist spot. According to Variety, Sherlock and War Horse's Benedict Cumberbatch has been cast as the latest Star Trek villain, taking a still ill-defined role previously being eyed for Benicio del Toro, Édgar Ramírez, and Jordi Mollà.

Of course, Cumberbatch's casting doesn't necessarily rule out Khan as a possibility--the character is genetically engineered, DUH, and was originally portrayed as Indian, OBVIOUSLY--but considering the rumor was already pretty flimsy in the first place, it probably isn't Khan. Still, might be Khan, though. Or... evil, British Riker? That's what I'm hearing, guys.

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