'Bourne Legacy' Poster Is So Metallic, Everyone

January 9, 2012


Jeremy Renner has taken the reigns of the Bourne series from a departing Matt Damon, but producers apparently aren't quite ready to trust the back of his head will sell a movie poster. So, the studio has gone with they perceive as the more bankable option: just some kind of metal plate with some shit written on it. Still, at least there's nowhere left to go from here but less boring, right? Oh, wait, there's the tagline:


"Anyone got any tagline ideas?"

"Well, there's this line from the Tiny Toons theme I always thought would work pretty well for a Bourne..."

"Say no more; sounds good enough. Just make sure to change it enough that Warner Bros. can't sue us."

The Bourne Legacy Debuts Teaser Poster [ComingSoon]

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