'Breaking Bad' Retro RPG Is Lvl 99 Good

January 31, 2012


Combining the functionality and aesthetics of an old RPG with the harrowing plight of chemistry teacher-cum-meth maestro Walter White, CollegeHumor's Breaking Bad RPG imagines AMC's lauded series as a video game of our youth--one that would have surely left 11-year-old me shaken by many of the morally-questionable, often costly but ultimately well-intended decisions I was forced to click A on. It is pretty great.

For those not yet caught up on the series, don't worry: the video includes convenient chapter dividers, so you can stop at an appropriate point and wait until your Season is leveled up more.

Guys, what if Final Fantasy VI's Kefka was just collecting magicite to support his family after his untimely death?

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