'Broken Tower' Trailer: More James Franco, Written and Directed by J. Franco

January 11, 2012


As if there wasn't already enough James Franco to dominate our headlines, fill our screens, clutter up our college classrooms, and Francofy our minds until we eventually succumb to Francophrenia--premiering later this month at the Rotterdam International Film Festival!--omnipresent renaissance man James Franco has also written and directed a biopic of poet Hart Crane that appears to fall somewhere between "artsy" and "hilarious parody of artsy." It's called The Broken Tower, and in it, Franco reportedly esses a prosthetic dee. You won't see that blowjobbery in this teaser trailer for the film, but you miiiiight get the distinct sensation Franco is at least fellating himself pretty hard:

If you're interested, the film is available now on-demand and for download. Or, you could always go with this nearly-indiscernable abbreviated version:

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