Celebrities Pledge To See 'Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie', Never See Dumb 'Lorax'

January 26, 2012


Paul Rudd, Weird Al, Bob Odenkirk, Karen O, John Hodgman, and other people whose names you are probably familiar with have come forward in support of Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie and against that Lorax thing with the CGI Danny DeVito. How, you ask? By recording themselves signing the B$M PLEDGE, here explained by Tim, Eric:

This pledge comes alongside the film's Sundance premiere, which reportedly saw about a third of the audience walk out, furious that a Tim & Eric movie would be so grossly Tim & Eric-like. Still, various persons of note have already come forward in support of seeing Billion Dollar Movie and not seeing The Lorax, no matter how tempting Taylor Swift's disembodied voice makes it seem. Here are a few of the better responses:

More can be found here, if you want to spend all day on this and/or see if John Hodgman still has a ridiculous mustache (he does).

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