'Cold Light of Day' Trailer: See Superman Before He's Superman, When He's Just Bruce Willis's Frantic Son

January 31, 2012


It's a scenario familiar to anyone who is Taylor Lautner in Abduction: it turns out your dad is a spy, Sigourney Weaver is somehow involved, and now every other shot of you involves a mobile phone and a dumbfounded expression. But this time there's a different ripped torso at the center of the plot: Henry Cavill, the man who will soon be Superman. And as this trailer's titles ominously warn us, "in the fight to save his family, INSTINCT IS HIS ONLY WEAPON." So this gun Superman keeps waving around doesn't count then?

Briefcase MacGuffin! Pistols! Running! Confused protagonist insisting shadowy characters tell him who they are and why this is happening! What a Thriller, guys!

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