'Dark Knight Rises' Prologue Now a Little Easier To Understand

January 3, 2012


In response to audience and critic complaints that no one knows what Bane is saying in the recently-released The Dark Knight Rises prologue, a reluctant Christopher Nolan has at last decided, fine--if you're going to whine about it then I'll fix it, okay?--and put together a new, easer-to-understand audio mix for the six-minute sequence.

Late last month, Nolan had reportedly been receiving pressure from Warner to make Bane actor Tom Hardy's dialogue easier to discern, lest they risk confusing audience moms already vexed by why such handsome faces would be covered in these rotten masks. "It just doesn't make any sense," mom would continue. The director was hesitant to spoon feed the audience such themes as what a central character was saying but ultimately agreed, though he's said to have told executives "he plans only to alter the sound slightly, not to rework it completely." And apparently that's just what he's done, recently releasing a new sound mix for the prologue that, one IMAX projectionist claims, drops the ambient noise down to make it easier to concentrate on Bane's muffled something-about-fire-risings. So that's one less thing to worry about in 2012.

With the usually-autonomous director showing some a rare willingness to cede to fan complaints, now if ever is probably also the time to make the case that one of Catwoman's boobs should fall out of her top. Just for a minute.

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