'Hangover' Stars Will Get Ton of Money To Keep Making 'Hangovers'

January 25, 2012


Overcoming various lawsuits, a plot that holds up a dull mirror to its predecessor, and strict laws that have effectively banned simian fellatio from being projected in bars, The Hangover, Part II has made over a quarter of a billion dollars for Warner Bros., and as such, the studio would really like to make a couple hundred million more sequel. Unfortunately for Warner, the stars of The Hangover are well aware of this, and they're going to make these assholes pay if they want another round of dangerous binge drinking.

Wisely negotiating together, stars Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach Galifianakis are this time demanding $15 million each (against backend) to make The Hangover, Part III--a $10 million raise over the $5M plus backend they got for Part II, and well above the six-figure paychecks each received for the original film. That is a lot of money, guys! And according to THR, they're probably going to get their demands, so desperate is the studio to have some reliable income in the wake of the closing Harry Potter and Batman franchises.

So rest assured, the original crew will most likely be returning to try to create a more worthy sequel than The Hangover, Part II; Warner Bros. is not going the route of Daddy Day Camp, slyly trading out Eddie Murphy for the more cost-effective Cuba Gooding Jr. Though, now that I'm thinking about it, once Part III is wrapped up, can we still do a straight-to-video version with Ryan Phillippe, John Oliver, and Kevin Farley?

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