Kevin Kline, Diane Keaton Look for Stupid Dog in 'Darling Companion' Trailer

January 23, 2012


"Love is love--it doesn't matter if it's a dog." It's a position presidential candidate Rick Santorum has vocally spoke against, but one that Diane Keaton explicitly takes in Lawrence Kasdan's Darling Companion, thus putting forward an idiotic philosophy that drives an entire film about old couples looking for some dog. Of course, that's not what so-cutely-named Darling Companion is really about. It's really about the struggling marriage and eventual rekindling of the flame between Keaton and co-star Kevin Kline--who, at the beckoning whistle of his repeated writer-director, once again promptly stopped fucking Phoebe Cates and showed up on set, asking only, "Funny Kevin Kline Mustache or not this time, Larry?" (They go with no Funny Kevin Kline Mustache):

My, what a pleasant Sunday afternoon movie, stuffed with all the emotional impact of a smiling old woman's fragile hand patting your own in silent approval. But is there a reason Kline is doing a Steve Martin impression now?

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