Lily Collins No Longer 'Evil Dead' Remake's Hot, Drug-Addicted, Eyebrow-Heavy Ash

January 25, 2012


Sorry, but the scion of Phil Collins will no longer be in your Evil Dead remake.

As you may recall, earlier this month, Lily Collins was attached as the female lead in FilmDistrict's unfortunate Evil Dead reboot, and was signed to play "Mia," a recovering drug addict visiting the film's evil dead-plagued cabin as a means of ill-planned rehabilitation. But according to Variety's Jeff Sneider (via), that's no longer the case, as scheduling issues have forced Collins out of the role. With the film scheduled for release in just 15 months, what will now likely happen is there will be a brief, baseless rumor involving Lindsay Lohan using this role to jumpstart her acting career; we'll all have some laughs about how appropriately Lohan-like the role is, then it will end up going to some girl from Glee or something whose name you'll have to look up, and we'll be left with a fresh, renewed confusion over why this remake is even happening. (Because it can.)

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