Lily Collins Will Be 'Evil Dead' Remake's Recovering Drug Addict Character

January 4, 2012


Well, someone has to be in the Evil Dead remake, and it looks like one of those people will be Phil Collins' daughter. BloodyDisgusting is reporting that Lily Collins, the Snow White of the upcoming Mirror Mirror and the one in Abduction with their mouth shut, will play a character named Mia in FilmDistrict's Evil Dead series reboot, to be directed by Fede Alvarez. The new take on the film is said to have a drug subplot--because the truest "Book of the Dead" will always be the one you snort cocaine off, kids--and Mia will apparently be at the center of that, as her reason for journeying to the remote cabin setting is to detox away from all the temptations of the drug-filled cities we live in. Unfortunately, as those of us who've seen the original Evil Dead know, the peaceful sobriety won't last long once demonic forces are unleashed--and thanks to her former addiction problems, no one believes her when she claims to see the evil presence. Truly a cautionary tale for anyone thinking of getting involved in drugs and/or books bound in a fleshy face.

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