Madea Will Be 'Boo' That Gets Eugene Levy Straight Trippin'

January 30, 2012


Eugene Levy's promise to always show up as Eugene Levy whenever asked now extends into Tyler Perry's Madea franchise. The actor and masochistic American Pie torchbearer has signed on to star in Madea's Witness Protection, in which he'll play the timely role of an investment company embezzler placed under witness protection. As the remainder of the title implies, the witness protection agency relocates him in the Southern home of the huge, angry, distractingly-disguised physical manifestation of the 99%, Tyler Perry's Madea, and the two presumably have at it Madea-style. Denise Richards will play Levy's trophy wife, continuing the commentary on "The Man" she began with Undercover Brother; Romeo Miller (né Lil' Romeo) will play a local who believes Levy stole the church's savings and wants to take Levy-vengeance into his own hands.

Levy is, of course, no stranger to the "old Jewish guys just don't get big sassy black ladies" game. In 2003's Bringing Down the House, he played just such a part opposite Queen Latifah, and, famously, this happened:

We can only pray Levy's Bernie Madoff-style villain will have a similar revelation. Nothing would better invigorate the 99% movement than a reformed Eugene Levy delivering unto the congregation of Occupy Wall Street an awkward yet emphatic "hallelujer."

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