Miley Cyrus's 'LOL' Trailer, in Which Miley Cyrus Plays Laughing Out Loud

January 9, 2012


Everyone's favorite expression for when something is funny enough to elicit laughter, but not so funny as to make one roll around on the ground, is now a movie that's embarrassing to even speak aloud! It's LOL, a remake of a French film with the same unfortunate title, but now with Miley Cyrus playing the title role of LOL (actually named Lola, but everyone she knows calls her LOL, because everyone she knows deserves to be held under their bathwater until they stop). If that concept, or the idea of seeing Demi Moore attempt playing "everyday mom," somehow sound appealing, continue on for a trailer.

Did Disney not groom you to know better than to heavily imply sex, Miley? Billy Ray is not LOLing.

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