NBC Reverses Decision on Whether Chugging Animal Semen Is Entertainment

January 30, 2012


Some people sucking down a few glasses of donkey cum. Sounds like something to watch on a Monday night, right? Well, no longer. NBC has put an end to that dream.

Until yesterday, tonight's Fear Factor was to set a new low for what Joe Rogan would encourage someone to do, asking contestants to drink a mug of donkey semen in order to progress to the next level of being covered in bugs or some shit. But according to TMZ, that episode--evocatively titled Hee Haw! Hee Haw!--is now off the schedule, replaced by a repeat that not once asks a dignity-stripped human to drink an animal's ejaculate. The network, alas, lost the guts to even take the first step on their charted path to mainstreaming bestiality through dares.

NBC, Comcast, and Fear Factor production company Endemol have so far refused to speak on the matter, presumably because they're coming to realize that, as fucked up as it would be to televise people drinking donkey semen, it's sort of more weird to watch it yourself and refuse to share it with anyone else.

(Thanks, Greggy.)

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