Nicolas Cage's Latest Nicolas Cage Film Gets New Title, Poster, Trailer

January 25, 2012


Back in September, the trailer for Justice revealed to us a world in which Nicolas Cage accidentally becomes embroiled in some sort of Guy Pearce-managed vigilante business scheme: someone will murder an unpunished criminal who wronged you (you being Nic Cage), but in a surprise exchange, you will later be called upon to return the favor and murder someone else's unpunished criminal. The lesson? Vengeful murder has a cost, and it turns out that cost is vengeful murder, Nicolas Cage.

Well, Justice now has a new name: Seeking Justice, a title the film had already been going by before being renamed Justice and after being called The Hungry Rabbit Jumps. Why they won't just tuck in with the more descriptive Murder it Foward, Starring Nicolas Cage is beyond me, but whatever. In lieu of the change and the imminent March release, here's the film's new poster and trailer.


Note: despite the poster and trailer's failure to highlight this point, to the best of my knowledge, Nicolas Cage will eventually appear in a Mardi Gras mask in this film. No, I do not know why, and I do not care.

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