'Party Down' Movie (Probably) Shooting Pretty Soon Here

January 9, 2012


Always trying to keep up with the Bluths, Party Down now too is claiming a return to screens in a real, less-theoretical sense than the usual flimsy promises we've become used to hearing. The latest update to the long-talked-about film follow-up to the cult-favorite series comes from star Megan Mullally, who apparently told reporters at the Television Critics Association that series creator "John [Enbom] is writing it right now," adding that the entire main cast--with the possible exception of Jane Lynch, who Mullally essentially replaced in the second season, and who is contractually not allowed to take off her Glee tracksuit for several months of the year--will be returning to shoot the film in late spring or early summer.

According to Mullally, Enbom already has written a rough outline of the script and it's been "enthusiastically approved" by investors--which tells us not just that headway has indeed been made, but also that there are actual people with money willing to pay for a painfully low-rated Starz series to be made into a movie. So hooray for those foolish patrons, and god bless them for making such a probably-terrible financial decision in the name of giving us closure for Henry's acting career, Roman's hard sci-fi script, and so on.

Well, at least presumably the film will give closure on those things. Plotwise, all we really have to go on is the one final hint of information Mullally dropped: "I think we're going to see Lydia's ex-husband -- Ed i think is name --- who was really racist and a misogynist." So, assuming series producer Paul Rudd has kept in touch with his Anchorman co-stars, David Koechner should probably expect a call.

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