Police Academy Graduate Remaking 'Police Academy'

January 10, 2012


Apparently taking our pained cries of "do not remake Police Academy" as casual cries of "just wait a couple years, then it should be fine to remake Police Academy," New Line is at last moving forward with its two-year-old plan to reboot the near-Harry Potter-length Police Academy franchise, last night announcing the hiring of Scott Zabielski to direct their ill-conceived comedy.

To date, Zabielski's only directing job has been on the Comedy Central series Tosh.0, but he was a finalist for Coca-Cola's esteemed, punny Refreshing Filmmaker Award in 2000, and Warner Bros. is reportedly keen on the fact that he has been through the actual police academy and now serves as a reserve cop in West Hollywood. (Accuracy has always been paramount to the Police Academy series; otherwise, sending the team to Moscow would have seemed somehow superfluous.) Also, thanks to Tosh.0, Zabielski already has a wealth of previously-useless experience taking video of guys making funny noises and framing that within a broader context. So as long as we get Tosh as Mahoney, incredulously commenting to the audience about the stupid shit his fellow recruits are doing, this thing is just a Guttenberg cameo away from its inevitable endpoint of an 8% on RottenTomatoes. On to rebooting Meatballs, then?

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