'The Artist' Incites Anger, Refunds for Being Silent

January 18, 2012


While it was the sounds of The Artist that last week required the involvement of the SVU, it's now the lack thereof that's causing controversy for the Golden Globe-winning film. Some theater-goers curious how a movie with so little color could possibly be entertaining have reportedly been pretty P.O.'d about the silent film being a silent film, and a cinema in Liverpool has confirmed they've issued multiple refunds to frustrated dullards complaining about the lack of dialogue. Alas, it seems the people of England, despite those fancy accents, are--if not as litigious---at least as dimwitted as American audiences seeking a monetary settlement for Drive not being fast/furious enough. Wonder what the Liverpudlian refund policy is for chipmunk-disruptive crackhead dicks though...


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