'The Crow' Remake Happening Again, Gets New Writer, Director

January 25, 2012


With the Weinsteins' lawsuit against Relativity's Crow remake recently settled, the studio's ill-conceived reboot is back on. Though previously-attached star Bradley Cooper has left the project, the tire tracks of his side cornrows the only evidence he was ever here, Relativity has already hired on a new writer and director to take the reigns on rousing Brandon Lee's angry spectre.

F. Javier Gutiérrez--who built a decent reputation for himself with Tres días (Before the Fall), a film about a world-ending meteorite's imminent arrival to an Earth undefended by Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck--has reportedly signed on to direct the comic book adaptation. Jesse Wigutow--writer of It Runs in the Family, the one film to cram four Douglas family members into a single picture--will handle scripting duties.

As for who will fill in for Bradley Cooper's makeup-slathered face, there's still no update. Last report, the rumored candidates were Mark Wahlberg and Channing Tatum, so for now, just keep on imagining the Crow as the jockish, former underwear model-type you surely imagined him being when you read The Crow as a dejected goth. And maybe with sort of a death metal top hat.

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