'The Divide' Trailer: Michael Biehn's Post-Apocalyptic Bomb Shelter

January 11, 2012


On today's episode of Michael Biehn's Tales of the Post-Apocalypse, Michael Biehn (Terminator, Aliens) has run out of patience and also run out of budget, forcing Michael Biehn to make today's episode an anger-filled bottle episode. Basically, this means it does not have a lot of location changes, but it does have plenty of shouting among Milo Ventimiglia, Rosanna Arquette, and whoever else wants to argue with Michael Biehn's methods of running Michael Biehn's bomb shelter. How many times does Michael Biehn have to remind these people whose post-apocalypse this is?

Okay, fine. Sadly, there is still no such thing as Michael Biehn's Tales of the Post-Apocalypse. But thanks to this trailer for Xavier Gens's post-apocalyptic bomb shelter thriller, The Divide, we can at least all pretend for the duration of this preview. Just like Michael Biehn surely did.

Next week: Michael Biehn addresses concerns about his housemates shoving razor blades under his nails, and Milo eats Rosanna's canned ham.

(Whoops, I first embedded a clip instead of the trailer. Now that's fixed.)

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