'The Grey' Red-Band Trailer: Liam Neeson Gives Those Wolves a Piece of His Mind and Fists

January 24, 2012


A resentful reminder that Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie is not the only film concerned about deadly wolves, here's a new trailer for Joe Carnahan's The Grey. Like the previous trailer, this one spends most of its time setting up the premise of a bunch of wolves hunting stranded plane crash survivors led by Liam Neeson and his broken bottle-covered knuckles. But this time, thanks to the trailer's R-rating, we also get to hear Neeson explicitly lay out the "you fuck with us, we fuck with you" credo he's clearly abided by ever since Taken. It turns out it applies to wolves, too, you dumb wolves, so you idiots are in some deep shit.

So take a look at the new preview below, and "Sink your teeth into The Grey," as they say. (That's unfortunately what they say.)

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