'The Loft' Trailer: Which Remake/Television Star Murdered This Loft Babe?

January 24, 2012


When you and your other married buddies mutually rent a lavish loft to take your mistresses, you're inevitably going to run into some problems. What if two of you want to fuck a mistress on the same night? And if you find a sexy lady stabbed to death in the apartment's bed one night, who do you blame to cover the hit that will take to your security deposit? This is going to lead to some arguments, guys.

Such is the dilemma explored in The Loft, Erik Van Looy's remake of his own Belgian film of the same name (except, you know, in Belgian). Thanks to his larger budget, he's now filled out the cast with a cast of varyingly notable stars, like James Marsden, Karl Urban, Prison Break guy, Modern Family's fat gay one, and Kate Beckinsale's brief Underworld surrogate, Rhona Mitra. The rest of the budget seems to have gone to making the film look identical to a commercial for a new primetime drama on the CW:

And that's why roomies should always have a chore list on a little whiteboard on the fridge.

(Thanks to Kristof for sending this over.)

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